Think Future, what would happen if India stop cash payment and allow only digital transactions all over the country? Part 2

***** Part #2 *****

This looks impossible but if it happens then
  1. No one will give bribe in cash so no corruption.
  2. No one will throw money at Dance bar girl.
  3. No one will register property in undervalue. Means land is of 10 Lakh people show only 5 Lakh rupees land and save their duty amount.
  4. No woman will need to give money to her drunken husband.
  5. If cashless is introduced your money will be present in Bank and hence money can be tracked so no corruption in the form of black money.
  6. There will be no bank robbery as there will be no cash.
  7. There cannot be fake currency as no printed money
  8. No robbery at home as all money in server and no hard cash
  9. No dowry will be given as all dowry is money or Gold may be car and flat. But it will be reduced.
  10. Even if your purse is robbed you will protect money with ATM pin so no loss of money.
  11. Instant money transfer with no need to wait in the queue and long waiting for Cheque clearing.
  12. You can never declare digital money invalid like PM Modi declared Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 note invalid.
  13. It will save national currency because of no need to design notes, no need to import paper to make currency.This will save exchange of dollars.
I can go on listing other benefit but 13 are more than sufficient.

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