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Think Future, what would happen if India stop cash payment and allow only digital transactions all over the country? Part 2

***** Part #2 *****This looks impossible but if it happens then No one will give bribe in cash so no corruption.No one will throw money at Dance bar girl.No one will register property in undervalue. Means land is of 10 Lakh people show only 5 Lakh rupees land and save their duty amount.No woman will need to give money to her drunken husband.If cashless is introduced your money will be present in Bank and hence money can be tracked so no corruption in the form of black money.There will be no bank robbery as there will be no cash.There cannot be fake currency as no printed moneyNo robbery at home as all money in server and no hard cashNo dowry will be given as all dowry is money or Gold may be car and flat. But it will be reduced.Even if your purse is robbed you will protect money with ATM pin so no loss of money.Instant money transfer with no need to wait in the queue and long waiting for Cheque clearing.You can never declare digital money invalid like PM Modi declared Rs. 1000 and Rs. …

Think Future, what would happen if India stop cash payment and allow only digital transactions all over the country?

Let's discuss about the possible disadvantages - 1: Security threats: I agree there is always a risk of hacking in digital world, however it cant be a valid excuse for not going cash less, the reason is - your money is not safe, even when you are carrying cash in your wallet and even when you put it in your home locker, there is always a chance of theft, and this fear of theft has never stopped us from using cash in past, in a similar manner using cash less mode of payments should not be a problem as well. Yes system won't be 100℅ secure, however we can always try to make system more secure and difficult to break, we can also have numerous amount of backups to restore the system in worst case scenario. 2. People are not literate enough to use cashless payment: Again not agree with this point. We always connect digital payments with expertise in using modern gadgets and think that illiterate people can't use it. Let's imagine an illiterate villager who can't write or …

Airtel Payment Bank Vs Paytm Payment Bank

Instead of comparing, first think why Payments bank came and set a new level in digital generation? What prompted regulators and Govt to issue such license. Circa 2013, banks were coming up with mobile based banking services and found converting customers with mobile connections but not having bank account. Banks found ARPU ( Average revenue per user) in the range of Rs.1500/- and above for prepaid recharge for millions of subscribers and found through financial inclusion (BC banking) they can be serviced for lesser balance in account. Meanwhile, telecom service providers found ways to convert prepaid balance to be transferred to another customer with in CUG and thus mobile wallets of telecom operators found ways. Wait story becomes interesting as we see OXYGEN kind of players installing kiosks at recharge merchants ( more than half million) across India for SBI -Financial inclusion banking services as well as residual revenue stream of customer recharge. There was issue as telecom operat…

What is the best way to earn money by Amazon? (So many Different Ways)

You can make a good income by selling Amazon affiliate products. There are few ways to make money on Amazon including the different models of selling on Amazon.

Selling as individual You can sell products on Amazon as an individual seller. This is a kinda slow-selling process as Amazon prefer FBA sellers so its only good for beginners who just want to test the waters without spending much. Drop shipping on Amazon Individual sellers can further choose the drop shipping model it will further reduce the initial investment required and also lower the risk factor. Again, low starting investment required and suitable for those who have the suppliers available and ready to drop ship.
FBA Selling This model of selling and making money is for serious sellers, either they upgrade from individual seller model or professionally start selling on Amazon. There are good chances of making money when you manage to find profitable products. In this model, initial costs are higher as you have to send inventory …

Why would one choose wallets like PayTM, JioMoney, Freecharge, Airtel, Mobikwik or Oxygen over the BHIM app?

PayTM, JioMoney, Freecharge, Airtel Wallet, Mobikwik or Oxygen over the BHIM app

Firstly, BHIM is a recently released app whereas e-Wallets like Paytm are there in the Industry since a long time. e-Wallets provide more facilities whereas BHIM is an app which can be used only for money transfers. Let’s take Paytm. It offers to-do recharges of prepaid/postpaid/Dth etc. Almost all the Bill payments can be made through Paytm. Few months ago, Paytm also started some more facilities like booking movie tickets with great offers, Gas booking , School fee , Donations..etc., which are definitely worth using Paytm over BHIM. Since Paytm is a private property, it offers cashback to their users which is not possible in BHIM, a Govt. body owned. Paytm advertised in many fields, offered cashback, and started QR-codes to merchants who can accept payments. After demonetization in India, Paytm got a superb promotion. Currently, Paytm is allowing its users to Add Money to its wallet and can be transferred bac…


I. QR codes service :QR codes of PAYTM are nothing, it is only Mobile Number in image forms so users don't have to type Mobile Number in sending between 2 PAYTM wallet transactions. Same QR Code Option is available in BHIM App for sending between 2 BHIM transactions.
For PAYTM vs BHIM App: BIG Difference | Use of PAYTM and BHIM app: click here
**OTHER DETAILS :  PAYTM Payments are connected to PAYTM Wallets, So first you have to Add Money in Wallet using: Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking only BHIM uses UPI (Unified Payment Interface) So when you do a transaction by BHIM app, Money is directly pulled from your Bank Account registered with your mobile number to Bank Account of Recipient. No Need of wallets here. It's like an email id address with bank short name, you can share it with any other UPI users (not just BHIM) and they will be able to you for send money directly without any wallet use in your Account without knowing your Bank a/c details. Added Advantage is you don't h…

Paytm vs Bhim App : BIG Difference | Use of Paytm and Bhim app

I.  Basic difference    (a) Go to web interface of PAYTM → Login →Enter the amount →You will now be taken to the Payment page(you select UPI here)On the lower left side, you can see UPI option. :)Click on UPI →Enter the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) eg. 9820***8200@hdfcbank or kejriwal@hdfcbank something.   (b) Go to web interface of BHIM →

open your UPI app,Enter your four digit UPI pin code and look for collect request the payment.There will two options that are accepted (to complete the transaction) and reject the transaction(to decline) and click any one.1. (a) PAYTM Users :
           You<——————[Wallet]——————→Bank (b) BHIM/UPI Users :            You<—————→Bank With BHIM, transactions happen directly from the bank accounts.

2. (a) PAYTM requires an internet connection.  (b) BHIM, dial *99# & you can get the service without a net connection.
3. (a) PAYTM charges you to transfer money from wallet to account.  (b) There is no bank (any service charge) and transaction fees for BHIM.

Mcent Browser Refer and Earn And More You Search- More You Earn Offer

A New Browser which is giving you free recharge by searching and browsing only.
I am talking about Mcent Browser which gives you the opportunity to earn free recharge via Browsing, it's similar like Google Chrome and work as well. Even its is more powerful tool, browser rather than chrome.
Its Feature * more powerful * Ad blocker * Browse and earn * Fast and secure Step to Get this AppFirst download this app from Playstore or you can download from here. Then enter your mobile numberVerify and open the App*Select Mcent browser as default (speed : 1.1x) Then browse some page and ArticlesAfter a min meter reach up to 9000 pointsClick on Add to My Account 9000 points @ 9 rupees 
How to Get Free Recharge (app)Follow the instructions to create account. Download the Mcent Browser appJust Download the Mcent Browser app. Click to Download AppInstall the app and open it.You need to have an account for use the app. You can use your Facebook account to login.If you don’t want to use FB login use crea…